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Getting your TASC (Formerly GED)

If you dropped out of high school, you can still get your high school diploma.

And then go to college.

Many students who did not receive their high school diploma later decided they want to go to college.  And they did.

You can, too.

Start by taking your high school equivalency test.  Here in New York State, the test is called TASC™ (Test Assessing Secondary Completion).  The TASC replaced the GED Test in 2014.

The TASC is free to New Yorkers!

It doesn't matter why you didn't finish high school. By passing the TASC, you can get that diploma. And that can make a huge difference in your life. Maybe you’ll be able to get a promotion or a better job earning more money. 

You'll feel good about yourself when you achieve this accomplishment!

And maybe you’ll go on to college.

Did you know that one in 20 freshmen earned a high school credential by taking and passing this kind of test?

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