Why Volunteer?

College is important – there's no doubt about it:
By 2024, nearly 3.5 million jobs in New York State will require an associate's degree or higher.

On average, four-year college graduates earn $1 million more than a high school graduate over their lifetimes. And, students who complete some form of postsecondary education are far less likely to be unemployed than those with just a high school diploma.

Unfortunately, many students in underrepresented populations don't think they can't go to college and don't apply because:

  • No one in their family has gone to college
  • They believe they can't afford to go
  • Their grades are not "good enough"
  • They believe they won't "fit in"

Every high school student should plan to complete some type of education beyond high school and there are many options for students: trade, apprentice and certificate programs, two-year colleges leading to an Associate's degree, and four-year colleges leading to a Bachelor's degree.

New York's College Application Month aims to encourage every student, especially underrepresented students, to learn about college opportunities and apply for at least one college – hopefully more.

This is where you come in, as a volunteer:
Your school's event requires many hands to build enthusiasm and help participating students through the college application process. The building staff and students you work with during the event will appreciate your assistance with some of the tasks involved to make the event a success.

Of course, you'll benefit, too by knowing you've helped someone open the door to a college education...college changes everything!

What you'll do:
Your role as a volunteer will be to assist the event coordinator in keeping the school CAM event running smoothly. Here are some of the tasks you may be asked to do:

  • Post directional signs in the school for the event;
  • Greet students as they arrive to the computer lab;
  • Help students begin an online application;
  • Guide students through the college application process and help answer any questions students may have;
  • Help ensure students register for a FSA ID after they submit their college application(s);
  • Share personal college experiences with students;
  • Hand out materials to students after they complete their college applications;
  • Congratulate each student on applying to college!