Supporting the College Application Campaign

Although familiarity with the college application process is a plus, it is not required for someone to fulfill a useful task and have a meaningful volunteer experience at a participating Campaign high school. Here are a few tasks that volunteers may be asked to contribute to the initiative at any given Campaign high school:

  • Post directional signs in the school for the event. Good signage is key to reminding students of the event and getting them to the right place.

  • Greet students as they arrive to the computer lab.

  • Help students access college websites and begin an application. If the school does not have enough computers or stable online service, the counselor office should be prepared with paper applications. Volunteers, in that case, can hand out applications.

  • Guide students through the college application process and help answer any questions students may have, regardless of where the student wishes to apply.

  • Monitor printers to ensure that any applications that need to be printed remain in order and replenish the paper supply as needed.

  • Help ensure students register for the FAFSA PIN after they submit their college application(s).

  • Share personal college experiences with students, as requested.

  • Instruct each student to complete the student survey about their College Application event experience.

  • Hand out materials to students after they complete their college applications, such as the "I Applied!" sticker and the I Applied. What's Next?/FAFSA flyer.

  • Congratulate each student on applying to college and encourage them to complete their admission file by sending in their high school transcript, test scores, or any other documentation that the college may require.

  • Encourage students to share their experience with other classmates.