Your Resume

Your resume is a brief, one-page profile of you, highlighting your accomplishments and activities throughout high school.

It's important to give your resume to the people you have asked to write a letter of recommendation for you. You should also give one to your counselor for your file.

Some college applications require a resume.

If you need to supply a resume, below are a template you can use, a sample resume and some tips.


  • Include your name, address, phone number and email address

  • Be sure your email address and voicemail message aren't offensive in any way

Objective (optional)

  • A brief statement, one to two sentences, that describes what you are looking to do and/or accomplish

  • Can change depending on the purpose of your resume – whether it is for a college application or job, for example


  • Name of your high school and anticipated graduation year

  • If available, you may want to include your GPA or class rank

Awards and Achievements

  • Academic (such as honor or high honor roll, contests, essay writing or science), citizenship, and community awards

  • Include the date received and a brief description

  • List chronologically, beginning with the most recent

Extracurricular Activities

  • School clubs, sports, and volunteer activities, including any leadership positions you have held

  • Outside of school activities, such as art, dance or music endeavors

  • Religious or community groups or volunteer activities

Work Experience

  • Briefly describe your responsibilities in work and volunteer positions

  • May include a part-time job, helping out with your family's business, mowing lawns, delivering newspapers or babysitting

  • Include the job title, name of business/organization, location and dates of employment

Other Interesting Things

  • Include any special skills, trips, projects, interests or hobbies that are important to you or make you stand out